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Coffee Crush

Coffee Crush

Wait….what? Am I supposed to drink or rub? 

Sipping coffee early in the morning is something we all love! It is definitely a brain booster, and we could all use that extra fuel in the AM!….but..what about our skin? It needs to be exfoliated and pampered too, right?

Coffee and its benefits have been a hot topic in recent times…..and guess what Dolls, we found some great news on how to use coffee to get that skin glowing!

Scrub Me! – Being an excellent exfoliator, coffee scrubs reduce acne, cellulite and even stretch marks.

Bye, Bye Darkies – Under eye coffee patches not only lighten those dreadful dark circles but also reduce the puffiness. How amazing!

Sip it! – This one is our fave! Coffee is a source of several nutrients and antioxidants which can also benefit your scalp and hair.

Dolls, don’t worry if you are a tad addicted to the brew, just try to keep your coffee habits moderate & wise to enjoy all the glowy benefits! 

Be Real, Be You!

Pri & G

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