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A stigma to live with or a fad to focus on?

To all our beautiful ladies! We are here to discuss what you’re going through! 

The thoughts, actions, and feelings make up the majority of our mental health. Being a woman we juggle with so many chores yet our strong will and passion to pursue makes the best of ourselves. 

At times, we easily handle worry, discomfort, life obstacles, and other issues, but there are situations when we are unable to deal with such events, leading to frequent breakdowns and situations that one cannot even imagine. 

To manage this and understand ourselves, let’s have a look at the main reasons: 

Biological Factors:

  • Genetics
  • Infections causing brain damage
  • Prenatal damage
  • Abnormal functioning of nerve cells

Psychological Factors:

  • Traumatized childhood
  • Loss of loved one
  • Non-socializing skills

Environmental Factors:

  • Dysfunctional relations
  • Socio-cultural expectation
  • Low self-esteem

How to deal with it wisely?

  • Self-awareness
  • Join a support group
  • Communicate & connect
  • Keep a journal
  • Perform relaxing breathe

Hey girl! If you feel someone needs your help, this is how you can deal with them; 

  • Provide an open and non-judgemental space 
  • Listen as much as you can
  • Never jump to guessing their feelings or diagnose
  • Always keep the questions open-ended
  • Know your limits

We all went through a lot during COVID-19 and honestly, we “WOMEN” did an excellent job! But there was a span of time when the lockdowns, the quarantines, the treatments were all intense mental exercise for all of us. The last year was crucial enough to break us down but we relentlessly brought up ourselves and fought with it. We were all in the same boat but to be able to combat mental illness we must fight it, support the other person, check on the lonely, try to communicate about the rifts and grudges. 

At The Dubai Dolls, we strongly believe in balance. We support mental health awareness, but most importantly we want to continue creating a  community that is safe for everyone to feel loved and heard. 

We are The Dubai Dolls. We support Mental Health. 

Be Real, Be You!

Pri & G

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