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Vitamin D this Summer, Why?

Vitamin D this Summer, Why?

As shocking as it sounds, about 1 billion people in the world have low vitamin D levels, it absorbs calcium which promotes bone growth.

Your body actually makes this particular Nutrient on its own following skin exposure to sunlight.


Are you part of the 1 billion people on this planet who have low Vitamin D?

Some of the symptoms of low vitamin D include:

Hair Loss

Mood swings

Weight gain



None of those symptoms need to be synonymous with 2020! Let’s be honest, it’s been a tough year already. Many of us in warmer climates, like in the UAE, are guilty of avoiding the dreaded heat and become best friends with the AC. But hear us out! The sun can be your friend too! Spending some time in direct sunlight functions as a precursor to vitamin D and is the best way of generating it. DO NOT under any circumstances forget the sunscreen! While getting some sun is vital, it is counter intuitive if you do not protect your skin from harmful UV rays that can cause long-lasting skin damage.


Fatty fish and seafood are also great sources of this Nutrient.  So why not use some of your extra time in quarantine to refresh your culinary skills and try out some Vitamin D rich foods with your family?


Finally, over the counter, supplements are also available at most pharmacies. Consult your doctor and do your research to accurately determine what dose you need.

We both strongly believe in getting a blood test every 6 months in order to ensure our Vitamin levels are on point.


Be Real, Be You!

Pri & G

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