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Tips for a Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Beauty Routine

Tips for a Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Beauty Routine

A regular beauty and grooming routine has become a part of our daily lives, especially considering the recent roar in the beauty industry over the last few years! Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten about the impact this has on the environment. Next time you are browsing for products to include into your beauty regimen, why not look a little closer, and try a few new products that are better for your health as well as our planet? Let’s try some new ways to start honoring our planet and take better care of ourselves in the process!

1. Recycle your Beauty Products:

Firstly, take the time to be sure that the product you are buying has recyclable materials. Read the labels, and look for the recyclable symbol on the packaging! Then, once you are done using the product, take the time to recycle properly. Washing containers can be beneficial to the recycling process. Keeping screw tops and lids with containers is also helpful.

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2. Makeup Brushes, Applicators and Hairbrushes:

Makeup brushes are part of our everyday routine. Most of us keep makeup brushes for many years, so it is advisable to invest in the right set! Avoid brushes with real animal hair, and instead, look for synthetic bristles. Also, seek makeup brushes, applicators and hairbrushes made from recycled or sustainable materials such as bamboo.

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3. Soap and Shampoo Bars:

Investing in Shampoo and Body Bars are a great way to eliminate buying plastic bottles for your shower! All face and body bars are a great option to help reduce your environmental impact. They also last longer, so you can get a lot more washes out of them. Many wellness brands have opted for bars as a solution to help the environment.

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