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Beauty Tips to Beat The Heat!

Beauty Tips to Beat The Heat!

It’s beginning to look a lot like….SUMMER! Though we are so grateful for the year-long sunshine in Dubai, living here has taught us a few tips and tricks to beat the desert heat! Whether you’re on vacay yourself or enduring the heatwave right here at home, continue reading for some tips to prevent makeup meltdown!


Did you know that really shiny lip gloss & lipstick can actually increase your chances of getting sunburned lips? If you plan to be out in the sun, your best bet is to stick with longer lasting lip gear! As an added bonus, face masks, for good reason, have become a staple in our lives….so if you choose the right lip recipe, you are less likely to melt into a mess underneath your mask!

Try our favorite long lasting matte Lip Shine.


Blotting papers have been around for a long time! If you never tried them before, now is the time to start. Blotting papers remove excess oil and sweat off your face and neck in less than 3 seconds. The result? You will look clean & fresh, and that too without disrupting your makeup! Make sure to use the blotting papers correctly, without rubbing them on your face! Gently dab, and see how the paper magically absorbs everything!

Try our favorite Blotting Papers.


During the summer, a primer should be your best friend! Face primers do so much to keep you looking flawless, even in very high temperatures! It is so important to smooth out the skin’s surface to create the perfect base for any makeup you apply. A really good primer will also allow you to wear less makeup, since it evens out your complexion, and makes your pores appear smaller.

Try our “Holy-Grail” Primer.

Be Real, Be You!

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