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Halloween Hayride

Halloween Hayride

How do you fix a broken jack-o-lantern?
With a pumpkin patch! Haha!

Hey Dolls, Cornmaze alert! 

We love Halloween because it brings so much entertainment, scary costumes, spooky looks, and so much more! 

Yet we can’t escape the looks we need to bring on every year to scare the living daylights out of everyone! LOL

There are so many options this year! But wait- before we talk about the new ones, let’s take a look at our fave looks from the past!

​​Miranda Kerr as Marilyn Monroe
Ellen DeGeneres as Karla Kardashian
Halsey as Corpse Bride

​​Check out these ideas for your costume this year!

Sleek & Shadowy like Kim K
Don’t Care, I am here like Rihanna
And…how can we forget this?

Have a spooktacular party Dolls!

Be Real, Be You!

Pri & G

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