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If you’re looking for that super-Glowy look for the festive season, look no further! We all know that dabbing some highlighter on our cheeks gives us that enviable shimmer, but we have some interesting highlighter tips that will up your game! Let’s Glow!

1. Highlight your shoulders and arms:

Highlighting captures light wherever it is applied, so it’s important to balance the glow on your face and body. To brighten your shoulders, apply your highlighter on the apple of your shoulder (the highest part of your shoulder bone), and then sweep down the outside of your arm. The light will hit you in all the right places every time you move!

2. Accentuate your legs:

This one is a game changer! Using a thin brush, highlight down the center of your legs to make them look slimmer and give them a natural glow. If you are posing for pics, your legs will appear smoother and softer than they do in person! You can also add highlighter to your shins to give the illusion of longer, more toned legs….who’s on board?

3. Don’t forget your Décolleté:

This move will lift your entire face, body and mood! Sweep your highlighter with a large brush on the highest points of your bone structure on your décolleté. Make sure to balance it all by highlighting your cheeks as well!

‘Tis the season to look like a glistening goddess! Highlighting the body will help your entire look really pop! We wish you all a very Happy & Safe Festive Season. Keep Shining!

Be Real, Be You!

Pri & G

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