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What did 2020 Teach us?

What did 2020 Teach us?

2020….hmmmm where do we begin? For most of us, this has been an incredibly challenging and life changing year. It is probably unlike any other year we have experienced in our lifetimes. It is safe to say….2020 has transformed us….in one way or another. As we reminisce about the start of a new decade that turned out very differently than we all could have imagined….Let’s have a look at the positive lessons we learned along the way!

  1. Health is Wealth!

This year has definitely made us value our health in a completely different light. Though we felt a loss of control over our lives….our appreciation for good health has reached another level! Selfcare should always be a priority, but for some of us, it took this pandemic to come to that realization. We have to be working from a strong base even to support your friends and family during their time of need. Putting your health and mental wellbeing first is the most important lesson we learned in 2020.

  1. Be Real, Be You!

There is no time like right now to be your most authentic self. Your only limit is you. This is the only way to live your best life! Whatever you choose to do and believe, make sure it is your choice…and nobody else’s. We must learn to be true to ourselves and are hopeful that this year has taught us to be grateful for everything perfect AND imperfect about us.

  • Follow your passion

Life is short….this is the truth! What are we doing with our time? How does it make us feel? You MUST do the things that light a fire in your heart in order to feel happier and fulfilled. The year 2020 taught us that life doesn’t wait for anyone, so why waste your precious hours doing something you don’t feel passionate about? Now is the time to manifest your dreams into reality!

We hope these valuable lessons learned are the silver lining for the New Year that is just around the corner.

The Dubai Dolls wish every one of you a beautiful festive season and a very Happy & Healthy 2021!

Be Real, Be You!

Pri & G

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