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Top 4 must-haves for your bag!

Top 4 must-haves for your bag!

Hey there, dolls! It can be challenging to keep up with today’s busy lifestyle.
Sometimes it’s essential to slow down and find some ways of organizing your schedule
A.K.A your bag too 😉
Trust us! These days opt for essential makeup products that can save your time WHILE
make you look and feel fabulous!

Highlighter .

This is such a magical makeup tool! Wow! It gives your face that
barely noticeable shine that can “STEP UP” even the most modest make-up look.
Apply a dash of dreamy “ Yalla, let’s glow ” highlighter on your cheekbones, a
little bit on the forehead, chin and upper lip and you are ready to shine brighter
than a diamond!

Mascara .

It does work like magic! Mascara makes the eyes more open and
expressive! Even if you overslept and do not have time to put on makeup, a
couple of strokes of mascara is enough to make you look stunning!

Lipstick .

A delicate pastel shade of lip gloss or a dazzling red will never go out
of style! Give your makeup that classic finishing touch with “ The Burj ”
long-lasting Lip Shine, that draws the attention to the lips, making them more
juicy and luscious!


Do you want to look natural and fresh all day long? Then blush is your
perfect go-to makeup tool! Apply a bit on the cheekbones to create a gentle yet
romantic look.

Be Real, Be You!

Pri & G

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