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The Lash Effect

The Lash Effect

The makeup was spot on, but the lashes didn’t work! What went wrong? Did you choose the right ones?

Making sure your lashes are spot on is such an important part of your daily routine. The right lash look enhances your femininity, and gives you a very “put together” ,elevated look! Your lashes enhance the rest of your makeup, and are the most important step to getting you ready-day or night!!If your natural lashes are sparse or short, faux mink lashes are a quick & easy way to save time and help you look more awake and glam in just a few seconds!

To help you achieve the perfect lash effect, let’s go over some tips and tricks!

  • Ensure that your faux lashes are trimmed to fit your eyes.
  • Try choosing the right style & shape of eyelashes, in order to enhance your eye shape and look brighter and more glam!
  • Go for a sexy day to night look with our PINK CARPET lashes or try voluminous and dramatic lashes with INFLUENCER LIFE. 

The Dubai Dolls lashes are the BEST addition to your makeup routine! They are handmade, vegan, cruelty free, and extremely light weight! They are also proudly made right here in the UAE!

Let’s get the party started, girls! Grab your fave pair of The Dubai Dolls’ Lashes and have some fun!

Enjoy the night, girls! 


The Dubai Dolls 


Be Real, Be You!

Pri & G

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