Why is Cruelty Free so Important?

Cruelty Free

In Cosmetics or any commercial product line, this is a topic that has been flooding the internet lately with wide approval and adaptation by the world. it is simply the act of producing a commercial product without having it tested on animals at any stage. We see this term on quite a few known Beauty brands lately, but what does it actually mean? and why is it so important nowadays to identify whether a product is truly Cruelty Free or not? Learn more about it here.

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What does Cruelty Free mean? What is Cruelty Free Make Up? And, why is it so important? It is true that now, more than ever, we have become more mindful and conscious of the ingredients and products that we use, most importantly, in our beauty regimes. The way we look and feel depends immensely on our health, our level of activity, our diet (what we put in our bodies – from food to body creams) and even, how we interact with the world and energies around us.

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