How to stay productive during quarantine

how to stay productive during quarantine

How to stay productive during this lil’ thing called quarantini!

We can all relate to the surge of unproductivity many of us are facing during this quarantine season. Although many cities around the world have now re-opened their economies, most of us are #stayinghome to #staysafe!

Trust me! It is normal to feel out of sync when deprived of your regular schedule. This is why it is so important to rebuild a schedule for yourself and get your body clock and mind back on track.

We, The Dubai Dolls are sharing a few tips with you that have helped us 🙂

Let’s do it together!

1. Make a new schedule

Working from home may have some perks for some people. *cough cough… 12 am movie marathons, no 6AM alarms cough cough* However, it is important to have some structure throughout your day. Allocate designated times for office work, exercise, chores, and extra activities. By creating a new and improved schedule, and following it, you know exactly what to look forward to. But, Dolls! Try to keep fun and unwinding activities towards the end of your day so that you have things to look forward to. We all need these.

2. STOP the all-day pajama party!

We know, we know, PJs are great, but, hear us out. To get back into a productive mindset it is important to dress/feel accordingly. Try to incorporate elements of your regular work attire into your at-home office attire.  Maybe a set of earrings, your favorite work shirt, or even a classic red lip (The Burj by The Dubai Dolls, obviously!)

Starting your day by getting properly dressed will help you regain a self of normalcy. Wear something that you feel confident and empowered in so you can replicate that into your work ethic.

3. Create your space

As inviting as your bed may seem, get out of it! Your bedroom is meant to be a place of relaxation and comfort. If you can, separate areas of your house for different things. Move your workspace to the living room or at a desk without too many distractions. Organize and anticipate your essential resources neatly around you so you don’t have to keep getting up to grab something you need.

4. It’s okay to take a break

Despite the irony, taking a break will actually help you stay productive. As opposed to forcing yourself to work continuously for hours in end, schedule a time for a break to recuperate your energy. Use this as an opportunity to reflect on how you are doing, think about how our new schedule is working for you, do you need to change some elements? Try some breathing and meditation exercises for a quick release before continuing with work.

5. Make a skills list

Now is the best time to try something new that you haven’t had time for before, carpe diem! Create a list of activities you want to try and schedule one for every day or week. Trying new things will add some diversity and zing to your day and keep you engaged and not bored from a rigid routine.

Be Real, Be You!

Pri & G

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