Cruelty Free Makeup! What is the “fuss” all about?

Learn more about Cruelty-Free Make-Up and how important it is to know about it.

The makeup world is becoming more advanced with different formulas and trends popping up from every direction. Simultaneously, customers have become more aware of the processes of developing and testing makeup. These customers are cautiously picking brands that are cruelty free. But what does being cruelty free really mean? To sum it up, being a cruelty free brand means that none of our products, in any stage of development, are tested on animals.

Did you know that over 115 million animals are being used for animal testing worldwide each year (according to Cruelty Free International)?

But that’s not it! Chemicals and toxins, like led, are hidden in the ingredients of some of your favorite non-cruelty free make up and especially lipsticks and glosses. The world of cruelty-free cosmetics opens your eyes to products that are healthier for you and safer for your skin.

What does Cruelty Free mean? And, why is it so important? The way we look and feel depends immensely on our health, our level of activity, our diet (what we put in our bodies – from food to body creams) and even, how we interact with the world and energies around us.

Find more information about cruelty free makeup here

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