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“Who are the founders of The Dubai Dolls? What is this new brand all about? Have you even
heard of them before? Why should we buy their products and adopt a “cruelty free make up
life? Where is Dubai?”

Well, we thought that the best way to answer all of your queries is by getting to know us and
learning all about The Dubai Dolls.

This blog will serve as a mini-diary of our adventures in the make up world as two Canadian
girls move to the land of opportunity; Dubai!


Pri & G

Who Wore What-Diwali 2021

Celebrities are treated to the most stylish attire possible for this festival of lights, love and joy! Designers lineup to get them into the hottest

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Halloween Hayride

How do you fix a broken jack-o-lantern?With a pumpkin patch! Haha! Hey Dolls, Cornmaze alert!  We love Halloween because it brings so much entertainment, scary

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Be Pink. Be You.

All around the world, Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns take place in October. Besides bringing awareness to self-care and prevention, these also spark the sensitive issues

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